Another Milestone Hit By The PlayStation 5!

Sony has released its fiscal Q2 results for July to September, revealing new statistics.


According to the company’s official statement, more than 25 million PlayStation 5 units have been shipped to stores as of September 30. In the previous quarter, 3.3 million units were shipped, the same as a year earlier, so there has been no change. PlayStation 4 hardware figures are no longer available from the company, so we can’t rely on an official report (there is a good chance that the figure is less than 100,000 units; the last official figure was exactly 100,000).

Let’s look at the additional data as well. There is a decrease to be reported: there are 45.4 million PlayStation Plus subscribers (no details on how many are Essential, Extra, or Premium…). That sounds like a lot, but the year-ago figure was 47.2 million, so there’s been a 1.8 million drop. Then there is another decline, and that is in terms of game sales. In the previous quarter, 62.5 million PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games were sold. That’s down 13.9 million from 76.4 million the last year.

Sales of first-party, in-house developed (PlayStation Studios) games also decreased. Out of 62.5 million in the July-September period this year, 6.7 million were in-house developed, compared to 7.6 million out of 76.4 million last year. Finally, there’s a slight change in the proportion of digital game purchases from the PlayStation Network, from 62% last year to 63% this year.

There are reportedly more PlayStation 5 units heading to stores. Still, rumours suggest that the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which doesn’t have a Blu-ray drive, will be replaced next autumn by a new model that comes with a detachable optical drive, which Sony will sell separately, and that this console will take the place of the current two models… will it be a good idea?

Source: Gematsu

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