Twitter Blue Has Launched, But Not For Everyone! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Elon Musk’s plans will hurt those who dare to use the social platform without paying…


So Twitter’s monthly subscription service, Twitter Blue, has launched, but there are two restrictions on who can subscribe. Firstly, you can only pay for a blue tick on your profile in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. It excludes most users, but the field further narrows down by the fact that only iOS users can do it! PC? Android? They’ll have to wait.

If you subscribe, you can have priority in mentions and replies (because a Verified tab (for Twitter Blue subscribers) has popped up next to All and Mentions on the notification page…), publish longer videos, and get half the advertising. You can have that tick for eight dollars a month. Or not, because there is a note in brackets in the description: “introductory offer”. So: it’s only going to be that much to lure the community in, and then they’ll crank the price up!

For those who already had the blue tick (i.e. went through the old confirmation process), Musk says they all have to pay the monthly fee. And there was another checkmark, Official, removed; Twitter plans to experiment with more ideas over the next few months because they don’t know which ideas will work and which ones would be better to be abandoned as soon as possible. And Twitter’s future looks… bleak.

Culture Crave wrote on Twitter that Musk’s proposal would allow anyone’s content to be “buried” if they don’t pay up and that tweets from free accounts would get about as much attention as emails in the spam folder in Gmail… Musk said that shortly, the default tab for notifications will be for verified/subscribers (it isn’t for now). In the video embedded below, he also confirmed that subscribers would be preferred in Twitter searches. Free users are looked at as bots, spammers and trolls…

No wonder we hear that Twitter will be behind a paywall at some point. It’s heading there…

Source: WCCFTech

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