Forspoken: A Deep Dive Into Athia’s World [VIDEO]

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have released a new video from Forspoken. This one focuses on the world of the game and the extras it offers.


We’ll quote the PlayStation Blog that provided a lot of information: “Monuments: Monuments are found all over the broken world of Athia, and it’s well worth seeking them out! These sacred stones still store a piece of the Tantas’ power, and if Frey can free them from the corruption of the Break, she’ll be richly rewarded with boosts to her stats! Each monument offers a different boost—some may give you more health, others increase your defence, magic power or more. Of course, while freeing these monuments is straightforward, getting to them is not. Some are easy to find, but others are placed in hard-to-reach areas that will test your mastery of Frey’s parkour skills. It’s worth the effort, though, because that extra power may be the edge you need in battles ahead…

Flashbacks: Some monuments hold challenges called Flashbacks. These take you back to an earlier point in Athia’s history, so you can experience how the Break first affected the world. The exact nature of these challenges can vary—some ask you to kill enemies within a time limit, protect citizens against hordes of enemies, or reach a destination with parkour as quickly as possible. Completing Flashbacks will give you Mana (for unlocking new spells) and other rewards. You can replay Flashbacks direct from the map screen—the better you do, the better the prize, so keep trying until you’ve earned everything on offer!

Founts of Blessing: These beautiful pools of water are found worldwide and bestow Frey with a blessing that boosts her magical skills. You’ll be excited whenever you see one because they’re a crucial way to expand Frey’s skills, giving her entirely new spells to work into her repertoire. They have a resonance, so you’ll know if one is nearby. It’s up to you to locate it, though. Remember—Forspoken rewards the curious and observant.

Spellcraft Challenges: Another way to upgrade Frey’s magic is through Spellcraft Challenges. You’ll find ancient books inside Refuges (a safe space where Frey can rest and craft items). These task you with using your abilities in different ways—for example, work a specific parkour move into your traversal several times, hit multiple enemies with a single attack and many more varied challenges. Completing Spellcraft Challenges lets you make your abilities more powerful. They’re also a great way to explore the magic system in Forspoken—they may inspire you to use powers in ways you hadn’t thought of before…

Old Coins and Trading Spots: As you explore Athia, you’ll sometimes collect Old Coins. These can be found in locked chests or hidden in the nooks and crannies of beautiful landscapes. You can spend these coins at trading spots to get valuable items that enhance your crafting. Certain people in Cipal will also sometimes request special items from out in the world. If you can find it and deliver it to them, they’ll reward you for your efforts. Locked Labyrinths: Hidden under the ground, all over the world, are Locked Labyrinths. These are very dangerous to explore—comprised of expansive rooms and twisting corridors that contain valuable items, crafting materials, and some dangerous monsters. You’ll have to use all your combat skills, and sometimes some inventive parkour, to make it through to the powerful mini-boss that lurks within. Defeating it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Partha: In some safe spaces, such as The Shady Tree pub in Cipal, you can try rolling a Partha. Partha are dice-like objects made out of animal bones, and if they land on a symbol, they’ll bestow helpful boosts on Frey. For example, roll a spear, and her magical abilities will be strengthened, while a seed gives her the ability to regenerate health. Sadly, these boosts are only temporary, but they can make all the difference when you’re out on the Break. Photo Spots: Spare a thought for the poor children of Athia. Once they had a whole world to run around in, but thanks to the corrupting touch of the Break, they’re now trapped within the walls of the city of Cipal. They’d love nothing more than to see what the world beyond looks like, and Frey’s the perfect woman to show them. You’ll find photo spots all around the world that highlight this world’s awe-inspiring architecture and stunning landscapes. Use parkour to reach these points and get that perfect shot. The more pictures you take for the kids, the more features you’ll unlock for photo mode.

Tantas’ Familiars: Magical cats! Fuzzy, adorable magical cats! Tantas’ Familiars are usually found prowling around extraordinary monuments. If you want to befriend them—and again, they’re magical cats, so why wouldn’t you?—you’ll have to be very careful. These mystical moggies are pretty skittish, so you’ll have to approach them subtly. If you manage to win their trust, they’ll relocate to refuges so you can hang out with them any time! Combat Challenges: The Break that ravaged Forspoken’s world has mutated its beasts, creating terrifying monsters full of rage and aggression. But among this menacing menagerie are even more corrupted creatures—an ultimate class of Breakbeasts. These creatures’ sheer scale and power must be seen to be believed. They are perfect predators… and Frey is their prey. Fortunately, she’s not precisely helpless herself. You’ll be richly rewarded if you manage to take down one of these super-strong enemies. Once you’ve located one of these creatures, you can take it on at any time. Just be ready—these represent some of the biggest challenges in the game. Only those with the best equipment, the most potent spells and the skill to use them will survive. Are you brave enough?”, the blog wrote.

Forspoken is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC on January 24 (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store).

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