PS Vita: Never Thought We’d See The Classic PlayStation Handheld This Way!

TECH NEWS – One of the attendees at the Kendrick Lamar concert in London captured the excitement from the front row of the stage with his PS Vita.



The internet is in uproar after a Kendrick Lamar fan was spotted recording the concert with his PS Vita. It’s been over a decade since the release. Seeing a PS Vita pop up in the wild is exciting. Even if it’s just being used for its practical applications, not playing games.

The handheld games console was ahead of its time, but unfortunately, it was held back by Sony’s preference for SD cards and lack of general support.

It also means that many great games are stuck on the PS Vita. Today, it’s more of a critical handheld console for collectors. The console also had several features that set it apart from the competition. These included party and microphone support. As well as blue-tooth technology and an OLED display. Also, the photo and video recording software, which, as the attached example shows, can still be used today.

The Twitter user LAxFLAME posted a picture of a Kendrick Lamar concert at the O2 Arena in London, which went viral. One participant used his handheld to capture the artist from the front row. The imagery of the concert-goer using the PS Vita to capture the event illustrates how gamers still appreciate the handheld computer, as the viral tweet was full of fans praising the camera choice. Despite PlayStation’s ongoing updates removing features from the PS Vita, fans still support handheld after all these years, sometimes in creative ways.

In the comments section of the tweet, one commenter shared that another concert-goer used a 3DS to record the event, though he did not specify the concert at which this happened.

Perhaps the concert-goer’s phone died, and the console was brought out as a backup solution. Whatever the reason, it’s good to see gamers continue showing their love for the handheld console. Unfortunately, PlayStation is still not impressed by fans’ enthusiasm for the console. After all, PS Vita games are missing from the new PS Plus service.

Despite Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch being the dominant forces in the handheld console market, fans are still hoping for the return of the PlayStation handheld console. Many fan-made PlayStation handheld icons have been imagined as the next iteration of the PS Vita. Between the PS5 and the upcoming PSVR 2, it may be unrealistic to think that fans are hoping for another PlayStation handheld, making moments like this one even more nostalgic.

Source: Twitter

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