No Man’s Sky Will Be A PlayStation VR2 Launch Title!

Hello Games has confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be on Sony’s next-generation VR headset from day 1.


The studio has pulled off one of the game industry’s most substantial turnarounds in years. No Man’s Sky was hyped, and gamers expected a lot from it, and after the postponement, it came to us half-finished and incomplete. However, Sean Murray and his team kept going: they started updating their game in a way that hadn’t been done before! No Man’s Sky has received many free updates over the last six years and has been released on every console since. We’ve also seen a VR version, and Murray’s team has shown how a company can rebuild its reputation through ongoing, honest work.

Eurogamer has discovered that Hello Games is bringing No Man’s Sky to PlayStation VR2 sooner than we thought. Although the British studio confirmed that a PSVR2 port is in the works, it did not mention a release date or timeframe. A trailer for the PlayStation VR2 version on PlayStation Store says it will be released in “February 2022”. Sean, how long have you been able to time travel…? All joking aside, that would be February 2023, and within that, more like February 22. That’s the day the PlayStation VR2 (which we wrote will be more expensive than the PlayStation 5!) is released, so the port of No Man’s Sky will be a launch title.

So we can add another game to the PlayStation VR2 launch line-up, even if it’s just a port. If you have the original PlayStation VR version of No Man’s Sky, you’ll have the PSVR2 edition for free. According to Hello Games, the new hardware and Sense controllers will take the immersion and believability to a new level.

And so be it because No Man’s Sky is nowhere near as bad as it was initially.

Source: VGC

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