The Batman 2: Can A Long-Awaited Character Finally Appear?!

MOVIE NEWS – This year’s Batman script includes a deleted reference to Barbara Gordon. Batgirl fans are now demanding that Leslie Grace play the character in Batman 2.



The release of The Batman: The Official Script Book has sent Batgirl fans into a frenzy! In a deleted scene, Jeffrey Wright, playing Jim Gordon, mentions his daughter Barbara by name during a phone call. Fans of the cancelled DCU Batgirl movie immediately demanded that Leslie Grace be cast in Batman 2 so that she could finally be Batgirl on screen.

Batgirl was initially set to be released as part of the DCU, with Leslie Grace in the title role and Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly.

The film would also have seen the return of Michael Keaton as Batman and J.K. Simmons as Jim Gordon. The film is technically complete. But Warner Bros. Discovery decided to pull the plug on the film, as it had on several other green-lit projects. Fans immediately rebelled against the devastating blow. They made it clear that the studio would be happy to work with Grace in the future. Many fans are hoping this will happen as part of The Batman Universe.

While it would be great for Grace to finally play the role of Barbara Gordon, there are no details yet on whether she will be in Batman 2 or any of the upcoming spin-offs. If so, it would undoubtedly be a different version than the one Grace could play in the DCU. Because of this, it is questionable whether Grace would even be a contender for the role if it were to happen. Of course, that hasn’t stopped many fans from taking to Twitter to demand her casting.


Could Batgirl even appear in Batman 2?


Matt Reeves is making a well-rounded, standalone Batman universe. So the mention of Barbara Gordon can neither confirm nor deny whether she will appear in a future franchise instalment. There are so many other aspects of Batman’s world in place, and Jim Gordon’s daughter is apparently old enough to call her father for reasons unknown. Matt Reeves could be toying with the possibility of including Batgirl in a future project in the universe. But the real question will be how much the inclusion of Batgirl in the franchise would strengthen the story.

Batman is a more down-to-earth version of DC’s hero, focusing on his detective origins rather than flashy gadgets and superhero adventures.

Bruce Wayne’s Batman here works primarily alongside Jim Gordon, almost as part of the Gotham police force. Since the pair have such a close working relationship, bringing Barbara Gordon into the story would be introducing a third wheel, which isn’t necessary.

However, Matt Reeves’ plans for the future of Batman have yet to be announced beyond the Penguin spin-off and the planned Arkham Asylum series. Batgirl and many other characters may appear at some point in the future, but whether fans will get the cast of their dreams is another question entirely.

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