Civilization VI: The New Leader Pass Has Arrived, But There’s Bad News…

New Leader Pass for Civilization VI includes 18 influential historical figures from different eras and cultures.



Civilization VI has some exciting new faces. Twelve of them are brand new, and six are different versions of existing in-game leaders. They’ll be included in six separate DLCs that will be released between November 2022 and March 2023. The first pack, to be released on November 21, is called Great Negotiators and will feature Abraham Lincoln, Queen Mbande Nzinga and Sultan Saladin.

However, the Pass will only be available for PC via Steam and Epic and for macOS and iOS.

The current press release does not mention whether the new Leader Pass will be available on consoles.

The new Leader Pass is free for PC players who have purchased Civilization VI Anthology. For iOS and macOS players, the Leader Pass must be purchased separately. Some packages will also require pre-purchased DLC. For example, the Great Commanders pack, featuring Nader Shah (Persia), requires the Persia & Macedon Scenario pack.

If players don’t have the game, Civ VI will be available on Steam at a 90% discount for $6 until November 22.

Civilization VI Anthology is 86% off $210 and currently costs $30.

The last season pass for Civ VI was New Frontiers, released in 2020. It followed a similar release format with six DLCs. The New Frontiers release included consoles, so surprisingly, the new Leader Pass is limited to PC, macOS, and iOS. For a complete list of new characters, click the link below.

Source: 2K Games

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