Antonio Banderas’ Last Wish for Christmas

MOVIE NEWS – Antonio Banderas once again voices Puss in Boots in another episode of the movie series about the sword-wielding cat (in the original version). In Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, the fearless dispenser of justice is faced with a serious problem: he has already used up eight of his nine lives, so he must find the Last Wish in order to get everything back and start the count all over again.


The new Puss in Boots adventure is a real Christmas present for December, and Banderas would have a few words to say about the holiday. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he asks all his admirers not to surprise him with the same Christmas present this year, if possible. He already has about twenty pieces from the fancy album Málaga, because as a native of the city, he gets this for Christmas every year, almost since time immemorial. “Everyone knows that I love Málaga and I am passionate about its history, since it was founded 2,800 years ago, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe,” explains Banderas. “But I shouldn’t have to get the book about him every year, and in the same edition.” Anyway, it’s a very good book. Every year I rack my brains before Christmas, who will surprise me with it, and when I see the right-sized package, I already know that it’s here again.”

However, the Spanish-born actor does not only experience frustration at Christmas, but also real pleasant surprises. For example, he once received a fiery red Porsche from his wife, Melanie Griffith. “Then we were together for the second year. I never thought that one day I would have such a cool car, says the actor. “I still get a smug grin when I think about it.” And financially, it was a very well-considered decision. But the really valuable gifts are the drawings I got from my daughter Stella when she was two years old, which I still have today.”

(Puss in Boots: The Last Wish – domestic premiere: December 8, 2022.)

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