The Killer Doll Isn’t in Theaters Yet, But It’s Already Coming to Life Online

MOVIE NEWS – Barely an hour after the trailer for the movie M3GAN was released, memes flooded the Internet. Their theme is the film’s title character, M3GAN, the killer doll.


The creators of the memes may have been inspired by the sweet-eyed little android girl being a psychedelic experience at first glance, and you can get a kick out of her at the second. Some of the memes emphasize the creepy nature of the robot, and a large number of works refer to other killer dolls in film history, which have risen to cult status, such as Chucky, whose adventures spawned a muscular franchise (Child’s Toy et al.), and Annabelle- t, who also does not kill in one film, but also two sequels due to the great success.

The interest in M3GAN cannot be coincident. One can guess that the fans appreciate that the new baby is moving with the times. Chcuky and Anabelle were possessed by an evil spirit, but in the new baby, the artificial intelligence begins to interpret its program in a special way, i.e. it awakens to self-awareness, like SkyNet dressed as a blonde girl.

In the story, little Cady loses her parents and is left in the care of her aunt (Allison Williams), who is a robot designer. To keep the little girl safe, he creates M3GAN, a playmate and bodyguard in one, with orders to protect Cady from anyone and anything, at any cost. Of course, the robot girl thinks about the program further and realizes that practically everyone falls into the threat category, so she seizes the initiative and a kitchen knife.

Based on the preview memes, you can imagine how much media noise there will be after M3GAN finally moves into theaters.

(M3GAN – domestic presentation: January 12, 2023.)

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