Hogwarts Legacy: Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor Has Been Revealed!

In the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy video game, players can participate in Defense Against the Dark Arts classes with a newly revealed character.



Hogwarts Legacy has confirmed that the Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts will be one of Dinah Hecat. The highly anticipated action RPG will allow Harry Potter fans to live out their Hogwarts fantasy. They can participate in various classes as their own personalised witch or wizard. The main courses from the Harry Potter books and films will also be represented in Hogwarts Legacy. Including Defense Against the Dark Arts, of course.

Fans need wonder no more: in Hogwarts Legacy, the Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts will be an older woman called Dinah Hecat.

According to her biography, Hecat has worked in the Ministry of Magic all her life. She only took a job at Hogwarts when she retired. She supposedly teaches in a “hands-on” way, but otherwise, it’s unclear what her personality will be like. (She may even turn out to be an ex-Auror…)

As we know, Hogwarts has had a frequent turnover of Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. They typically play an important role in the story of a Harry Potter book. However, it is unclear whether Hecat will be as crucial as the professors Harry Potter fans know from the books and films.

The stern but sympathetic Professor Hecat takes her teaching duties quite seriously.

After a successful career in the Ministry of Magic – during which she was rumoured to have spent some time in the Department of Mysteries – she retired to teach at Hogwarts.

While she is happy to be at Hogwarts, some say her hands-on teaching style satisfies her innate thirst for action.

To find out more about Professor Hecat and her role in the game’s overall story, fans will have to wait. Thankfully, the release date for Hogwarts Legacy has been finalised after years of waiting, and fans will soon be able to explore Hogwarts for themselves. It will be released on 10 February for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, with a Switch version in development.

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