World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Blizzard’s Dragon Mania Comes With Stars & Photo App! [VIDEO]

A new World of Warcraft advert transforms famous star actors into dragon tamers. At the same time, it launches a cute app for Dragonflight that allows players to take selfies, photos and videos with dragonriding mounts.



With the Dragonflight expansion coming out in a week, World of Warcraft is ramping up its advertising campaigns. They have created a commercial featuring the main characters from several popular series. Pedro Pascal, David Harbour, and Lana Condor can be seen in a new World of Warcraft: Dragonflight commercial featuring the expansion’s new Dragonriding system.

In the new World of Warcraft commercial, the three stars show off their dragon-taming skills in short, funny scenes.

Pascal takes the cameraman to an airplane hangar, where he introduces P.J., his personal riding dragon. And Harbour shows him Hollywood’s “secret” to making great VFX shots with his proto-drake kite fire. Finally, Kondor runs alongside an adorable dog while playing giant catch with his own dracon. Each of the stars has their own short commercials, but World of Warcraft has shared a joint cut of all three commercials for players to enjoy.

The three star commercials showcase three types of Dragon Knight companions. These are the ptero-dragon, the proto-dragon and the drake. Once Dragonriding is unlocked in Dragonflight, players can unlock and customize their personal dragon companion from any of these dragon types. In addition, there will be a fourth type, the wyvern. Players will have a lot of different options to unlock during the expansion. It is unlikely that any two dragonriding companions will be precisely the same.


Take a photo with a dragon!


WoW has also launched an augmented reality experience. This allows players to take pictures and videos with dragons. The Dragonflight virtual reality experience is now available and free for everyone to play.

Players can easily access the “Get Your Own Dragon” experience by visiting its dedicated website.

Once there, scan the QR code with a mobile device to get started. Players will get a quick tutorial on using the app before the World of Warcraft experience begins.





The World of Warcraft augmented reality experience is simple but fun. Players can choose from a Proto-Dragon, Highland Drake, Wylderdrake or Velocidrake to pose with. Once done, players can activate the camera and place their chosen dragon in the world. Dragons can be spun, moved and made bigger or smaller. For action shots, players can even command them to roar or cuddle up for some cute draconic pet shots. Players can even take a selfie with their dragon companion.

The four dragons players can choose from during the experience are pre-made copies of the four dragon types they can ride with Dragonflight’s new Dragonriding system.

The “Get Your Own Dragon” experience does not allow fans to customize their dragons. However, Dragonflight will offer players various options to design their perfect mount. These customizations can be unlocked through quests, unique challenges, and even loot from World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s end-game dungeons and raids.

WoW fans won’t have to wait long to get their own dragon in Dragonflight. Dragon Riding will unlock shortly after arriving on Dragon Isles, so players can expect to customize their own backpacks as soon as the servers go live on November 28.

Source: Wowhead, YouTube

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