FromSoftware: Low Pay, Crunch Isn’t A Significant Issue

In an article on Gamesindustry, FromSoftware employees talk about things such as crunch and retribution.


Citing anonymous sources, the publication says that overtime mainly occurs in the final stages of the development of the studio’s games, but it depends on the employee’s role. The Japanese gaming industry is not as crazy as other industries in the country. Japan has a lot of public holidays, and there is a rule that FromSoftware’s staff can’t stay later than 10 pm, and 90% of the time, the deadline is 9 pm. There is little overtime.

During the critical period of their releases, they often had to work early in the morning in addition to overtime, but that lasted for two to three months. Crunch, overtime does not happen daily, but when the publisher needs to check the game, it usually occurs two to three months before the release date. However, there is more dissatisfaction around salaries, as the average annual salary is around $25,000. Still, meanwhile, the average at SEGA-owned Atlus, also a Tokyo game developer and publisher, is approximately $38,000.

Overtime is usually a standard part of the salary unless someone stays after midnight, but for some reason, such extra work is only worth half the basic hourly wage. The low-level retribution is unusual, given that Elden Ring has already sold 17.5 million copies, making it the studio’s fastest-selling game, and the company has also received investment from Sony and Tencent, not to mention what we’ve heard from PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst (more extensive collaboration, possible transmedia opportunities). It is also a problem because living in Tokyo (with housing costs) is costly.

The studio did not respond to Gamesindustry’s letter. But it’s interesting: they have a game selling exceptionally well now. Yet the average salary is about 50% below what another company in the same city offers. It would be worthwhile to value the work financially, too.

Source: WCCFTech

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