A Wednesday Miracle! Show’s Watching Rate Overtook Stranger Things On Netflix!

MOVIE NEWS – Stranger Things season 4’s record as Netflix’s most-watched series has been broken in a week, as Wednesday’s opening ratings were astounding!



Netflix may have had to jump over some financial hurdles in the past year. But when it comes to its productions, the streamer seems unable to stop itself from producing massive hits. Earlier this year, Stranger Things Part 4 set a new rating record on the platform. Now that record has been broken by Tim Burton’s Wednesday.

In its premiere week, from 21-27 November, Wednesday spent an impressive 341.2 million hours on screen.

Considering the series only hit Netflix on 23 November, it only had five days to break the record. In addition, the series has become the number-one show on Netflix in 83 countries, tied with Stranger Things 4. All in all, it made the new Addams Family-based series one of the most successful to debut on Netflix.

Netflix’s data showed that while the series didn’t beat the seemingly unbeatable Squid Games. But with more than 50 million households watching, it became the most-watched English-language show on the platform. If that doesn’t help secure a second season of Wednesday’s dark, mystery-solving adventures, nothing will.

As a director who has never ventured into television, Tim Burton has already made a big splash with his first streaming project.

Burton achieved one of the highest ratings of his career. The move to television seems to have been a win-win for Burton, for fans of his work and for fans of the Addams Family.

The Addams Family has always played to Tin Burton’s strengths when it comes to perfect pairing. The director has made a career out of creating eccentric freak characters. Wednesday certainly falls into that category. She has previously been a supporting character in the franchise, so now is her time to shine. Jenna Ortega has created a modern, memorable iteration of the character. Fans eagerly await news on whether or not Netflix will renew the series with a second season.

In the meantime, if you’re in the mood, read how we liked Tim Burton’s TV outing!

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