God Of War: Ragnarök Received Its Photo Mode

We can shoot more photos in Sony Santa Monica Studio’s game (and why not, the game looks pretty spectacular, especially on PlayStation 5).


Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced on the PlayStation Blog that you no longer have to wait for the photo mode we’ve already previewed in the work-in-progress version: “Apply expressions to the following characters in a scene to Kratos, Atreus, Freya, Brok, Sindri, Angrboda, Thor, and Thrud. Hide main or side characters in a scene. Adjust camera controls with field of view, focal length, or camera roll. Adjust shutter controls with depth of field, focus distance, and F-Stop. Adjust brightness and filters with film grain, exposure, and filter intensity, with finer controls for vibrance and saturation. Apply vignettes, borders, and logos.”

Sony also provided a few tips: “Adjust the Filter Intensity, Vibrance, and Saturation on your desired filter for a broader range of colors. Be sure to add a vignette when appropriate to give your shot more depth. Don’t be afraid to roll the camera a little bit, especially when shooting combat. It can make your screenshots feel more dynamic and less like the camera is always shooting from a fixed horizontal position. If you like to take vertical shots, you can roll the camera 90 degrees to give yourself the much-needed headroom.

Remember, lighting is everything! Your screenshots will pop if the subject of your shot is properly lit. Know where your light source is when entering Photo Mode to give your subject proper visibility. Take your time looking for a picture you’re happy with. A lot of times, you can enter photo mode thinking of taking a specific shot only to find something else better during that moment. Explore with the camera, move about the scene, and see what jumps at you.”

So the developers of the game have listened to us: we suggested in the news of the leaked photo mode that, hopefully, Santa Monica Studio will keep it in. They did, so if you want to see Kratos butchering you with a huge grin, there’s no problem…

Source: Gematsu

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