Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 And Steam Reviews: Like Water And Oil!

The free-to-play battle royale on Steam has a “mostly negative” rating!


We shouldn’t accept that most multiplatform AAA games (yes, we emphasized multiplatform, not cross-gen!) are released in a technically poor state. True, some examples were only released half-finished for one platform (and still, people buy them like candy; we mean the Pokémon Scarlet/Violet pair). Among the negative reviews, there are some funny ones. One just says Ricochet anti-cheat, and rightly so: when the anti-cheat system bans innocent players, it’s not pleasant. Then there’s one that just mentions Crash of Duty, which refers to the game’s stability.

“This is the only Battle Royale where my squad has been eliminated one by one by the game crashing. It’s full of bugs and crashes, and they have the balls to shove DLC in your face when you launch the game. Crashes more than crypto,” writes one critical user. “This game sucks. It’s been out for three weeks, yet I still cannot land without being stuck in parachute animation or having to wait 45 seconds at minimum for the map in front of me to render,” writes another reviewer.

Recent reviews have criticized connectivity issues, performance bugs, forced rewriting of player names, and the Call of Duty account. The most frequently mentioned bug is when a player wants to loot but cannot because the item they want to pick up gets stuck in the ground or terrain and cannot be picked up. We must stop here to ask: how the hell did this glitch get through testing unnoticed? Was the game rushed so much that the QA team got the shaft?

One of our favorites is this assessment, “This review requires a restart.” And that’s just one of 14798 reviews (and only 36% of them positive!).

Source: PCGamer


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