God Of War As Gym Inspiration?! This Fan Has Done Something Great [VIDEO]

(WARNING, loud video!) A God of War fan decided to take some inspiration from Kratos and spice up his gym routine by using classic quick-time events.



Inspired by the quick-time events (QTEs) so common in the original God of War trilogy, an enthusiastic fan has created a workout video. It seems Kratos is trying in vain to distance himself from the brutality of his past. Some fans still remember the devastating path of chaos he followed through the Greek pantheon.

Although less pronounced in the last two instalments of the series, all God of War games have featured QTEs for specific actions, where players must either input a series of input signals corresponding to instructions for various buttons or quickly press a single button.

This was a significant departure for the franchise, which had previously used QTEs against larger enemies, minigames and boss fights. A particularly brutal example is when Kratos slaughters Hermes, preventing him from running by cutting off his leg in the once-traditional style of God of War.

The video, uploaded to Reddit by danny_lazarus, shows a gym workout that includes several different pieces of equipment, each with a QTE. A rotating, glowing circle hovers over a bench press, just as it would signal the start of a QTE in God of War. And you wait for the event to begin. The screen freezes, giving the viewer time to read, “Press [the X button] to complete the training of the gods”. It then starts, and a stick is spun. After the user leans back and lifts the stick, the glowing circle returns, but this time it moves up and down continuously, prompting a quick thump to complete the workout.

There are moments where the art style of God of War is mimicked. The trainer takes on the look of Kratos. This occurs when using the battle ropes, which require the left and right buttons to be pressed consecutively to operate.

The workout ends with hammer blows as the square and circle alternately control each arm, which is then activated by pressing “L3 + R3… God of War available” to take on the form of Kratos again and finish with a comically subtitled combo sequence.

A final pop-up window says, “put the weights back on now”. A little too late, as the free weights were dropped moments earlier. Although these QTEs are no longer part of God of War, those that remain have benefited from God of War: Ragnarök‘s extensive accessibility features.

Source: Reddit

A masterpiece (credit:danny_lazarus) from GodofWar

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