Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis’ Closed Beta Test Significantly Delayed [VIDEO]

Meanwhile, Square Enix has sneakily developed the console versions of the six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles currently available on PC, iOS, and Android.


Let’s start with Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. It will be an episodic single-player game in which players will experience the world of Final Fantasy VII and its interconnected stories, including the original FF VII’s. Square Enix has announced this game for iOS and Android. In the summer, the Japanese publisher said it planned to hold a closed beta test in 2022, but Square Enix ultimately scrapped that. The test will not occur in early 2023 but in the summer. So they’ve pushed back the test by a good half a year, which sounds a bit worrying, even though they’re showing a new video of the game; such a delay is not tiny. There must be a significant reason behind it.

And then there are the six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters that are already available on PC, iOS, and Android (FF I PR, FF II PR, FF III PR: July 28, 2021; FF IV PR: September 8, 2021; FF V PR: November 10, 2021; FF VI PR: February 23, 2022), but all six games have been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and have appeared on the Final Fantasy subreddit. The Switch port is understandable, as the first six games were indeed big hits on the NES and later the SNES. The PlayStation 4 has a similarly large player base to the Switch.

The six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster console versions have not yet been announced by Square Enix (and likely won’t be in 2022). Still, if the ESRB has already reviewed all of them, a release can’t be that far away, and it may even be realistic to see the six games show up (even in a bundle?) on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop in early 2023. Of course, it has yet to be officially announced.

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