Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion: Getty Image Watermarked Paintings Left In Game?!

A Getty Images watermark has been spotted on one of the paintings used repeatedly in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Now everyone is looking for it or is it a one-off mistake…



There’s a painting in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion that appears to be from Getty Images, based on a watermark that was left intact.

Eagle-eyed Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion players who have made it to Chapter Eight may have noticed a painting that prominently features a Getty Images watermark.

Considering that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remaster of a PSP title, some things have been carried over from the original release, which is often a good thing, but in other cases, not necessarily.

Due to the enhanced visuals, the Getty Images photo may be a ported image from the original game. Because it hasn’t been adequately adapted to the improved performance of modern consoles and PCs, it may have become significantly more noticeable.

Players can explore at their leisure when they arrive at the Shinra Mansion in the eighth chapter of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. As a result, they discovered the aforementioned Getty Images painting. This painting can be found in three different locations along the walls of the mansion. It depicts Ludgate Circus in 1881, created not by the developer of Crisis Core but by artist John Crowther. The Getty Images watermark is easy to read if players get close enough to it, but otherwise, it’s pretty easy to miss.

However, the situation doesn’t necessarily generate a significant legal dispute.

Considering that it would be even more problematic if Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion were caught using John Crowther’s art without the Getty Images watermark, its inclusion in the game may not be scrutinized as strictly as plagiarism cases in the game industry.

It is currently unclear how the Getty Images image ended up in the game. However, John Crowther’s artwork appears to be the only watermarked artwork in the Final Fantasy spinoff title.

Several Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion fans have expressed how funny it is that a watermarked image is included in such a large-scale game. Others see John Crowther’s artwork as proof that Getty Images is canonical in the Final Fantasy universe. And one player suggested that Square Enix should use an AI art generator next time they need to fill in a wall space.

Source: Kotaku

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