Hideo Kojima Says Death Stranding 2 Will Be An “Irregular” Sequel – What’s In Store?!

Death Stranding 2 is described by Hideo Kojima as “nostalgic but new” to appeal to those who haven’t played the first game.



Hideo Kojima recently talked about how Death Stranding 2 will be different from the original game, at least in general. The first Death Stranding was an incredibly unique game that blended action and “package delivery.” Kojima’s heavily cinematic storytelling will return, along with Norman Reedus and other actors. However, it was unclear how different the Death Stranding 2 experience would be. Now Kojima has indicated that changes can be expected.

The biggest surprise of the announcement of Death Stranding 2 during The Game Awards 2022 was that the main character Sam will return in the sequel.

Speaking on his podcast, Brain Structure, Kojima was asked about Sam’s role in Death Stranding 2. Kojima uses the question to segue into a broader topic about the relationship between the two games. Kojima explained, “in order to appeal to people who didn’t play the first one, I’ve made the game nostalgic, but also new.” In the context given, this probably means that the events Sam went through in Death Stranding will only be referred to loosely or in a way that has a limited impact on the story of the second part.

However, this is not the only comment Kojima has made about the relationship between the two games. When talking about Death Stranding 2, Kojima said that technology had improved significantly in the last three years. He says that ideas that previously seemed “impossible” have become a reality, making Kojima Productions “a real challenge”. With this in mind, he explained that the second part is “not just a regular sequel in that sense”.

Kojima’s cryptic comments make it difficult to assume anything about the game.

Just as with the Metal Gear Solid franchise, even if Death Stranding 2 were a ‘normal’ sequel, it would probably be radically different. It’s in Kojima’s nature to change things, embrace technological advances and tell unique stories.

It will probably be a while before more definitive information about Death Stranding 2 is shared. After all, it’s not the only game Hideo Kojima is currently working on. When Kojima is ready to share more about the sequel, fans shouldn’t be surprised if it’s not what anyone expected. But hopefully, he’ll bring something to the table that anyone can enjoy. Regardless of whether you played the original Death Stranding.

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