[TGA 2022] Death Stranding 2 Revealed – Did Kojima Have To Rework It Because Of COVID?! [VIDEO]

Kojima Productions unveiled Death Stranding 2 at the Game Awards, confirming some of the rumours surrounding legendary developer Hideo Kojima.



Kojima Productions unveiled Death Stranding 2 in an incredible trailer! The trailer is a cinematic look at what players can expect from the upcoming title. The unveiling took place at The Game Awards ceremony, where the previous game in the Death Stranding series previously won the award for Best Director.

The trailer was quickly followed by a few words from developer Hideo Kojima, who, in his classic style, didn’t reveal too much about what Death Stranding 2 will actually be about.

However, it seems that the story will be less prophetic. The plot of the original Death Stranding, as we all know, almost became a reality just a few months later…

In the trailer, fans can watch a short clip. Lea Seydoux is looking after a fragile child. A quiet moment quickly turns into an action-packed chase in the isolated wilderness. After a few odd shots – including some monstrous tentacles crawling inside BB’s old carryall – Fragile is joined by Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges. Interestingly, both characters appear very differently in Death Stranding 2 than they did in the original. Sam has long, grey hair, and Fragile is no longer affected by his time in the time warp.

After the initial trailer, Hideo Kojima also made a brief appearance to talk about the development of Death Stranding 2, specifically the writing process for the new story.

According to Kojima, he had already started working on the story when the original Death Stranding was released. Still, the developer scrapped it and rewrote the story after the isolation caused by the COVID epidemic following the game’s release.

Aside from this small glimpse, Kojima encouraged fans to look closer at the newly released trailer. It’s supposed to give them a start on putting together what the next game in the series has in store.

Considering the story of the original Death Stranding and the vague pre-release teaser, the little shown so far is probably not all we’ll see. Likewise, the announcement of Death Stranding 2 doesn’t necessarily rule out fan speculation. Kojima Productions’ rumoured Project Overdose could also be in the works. Kojima has stated that the development team is currently working on several projects. For now, this trailer certainly gives fans plenty of reason to speculate.

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