Elon Musk Has Made Twitter Users Vote On His Resignation – Will He Keep His Word?!

TECH NEWS – Barely a day after controversial and potentially illegal policy changes on Twitter, CEO Elon Musk has been called to resign in a vote on his own page.



Elon Musk lost his own Twitter vote, which voted overwhelmingly to oust him from the social media platform. The result is the culmination of a damaging week for the Twitter CEO. Musk has faced massive opposition due to banned journalists and sudden radical policy changes.

Musk’s past week began with being booed when he joined Dave Chappelle on stage, and he has refused to improve since.

First, the ElonJet Twitter account dedicated to tracking the whereabouts of Musk’s private jet was permanently suspended. Then several journalists covering the story were accused of doxxing and also banned. He later set up a poll asking Twitter users to reinstate the journalists’ accounts now or in seven days, and the former option won.

On Sunday evening, Elon Musk then created a new Twitter vote on his personal account. It read: “Should I step down as head of Twitter? I stand by the result of the vote”. In twelve hours, 17 502 391 votes were cast. 57.5% voted ‘yes’, a significant victory for the billionaire’s opponents. At the moment, it is not clear precisely what Musk intends to do, and it is even less clear who his successor will be. Lack of direction has already been a feature of Musk’s tenure, with last month he drew the ire of Valorant and League of Legends professionals when a sudden change left them unable to change their Twitter names.

Technology and political commentators initially argued that Musk had unfairly conducted the vote to keep him as Twitter chief. Still, others claimed that he had already planned to resign and was merely using the vote to create a sense of democratic authority for the decision.

A widely condemned policy was also announced on Sunday, adding to the turmoil at the company. It concerned cross-promotion. It banned links to other platforms that Twitter considered competitors, including Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon.

Twitter’s instability has negatively affected the gaming community. News curator Nibellion, for example, left shortly after Musk acquired the platform. In addition, Genshin Impact players were warned that anyone who signed up via Twitter might want to secure their account via email, as there is no telling what will happen in the event of a shutdown.

Source: Twitter

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