A The Last of Us Fan Has Created a Terrifyingly Lifelike Clicker Bust

A fan of The Last of Us presents one of the most terrifying undead, the clicker, in the form of a breathtaking bust.


A The Last of Us fan artist has hand-crafted a bust of a Clicker, one of the most terrifying monsters in the franchise. Players of The Last of Us series know this enemy well as one of the biggest threats in the zombie world, using its advanced senses to seek out and destroy everything in its path, even though it can’t see.

While the parasitic fungus completely destroys the “clicker’s” eyes in the third phase of the virus, his hearing is enhanced enough to compensate. Coupled with their unique location ability and brutal nature, clickers have quickly become one of the most iconic monsters in the game.

Reddit user thrxsherrr shared his incredible work creating such a clicker, with the detailed creation receiving over 600 upvotes in its first three days on the platform. The realistic model is awesome enough to make players remember their experiences during the game. A clicker reaches the final stage of infection in about a year, after being exposed to Cordyceps brain infection, the eyes completely rot away due to facial growth, presenting a sight so terrifying that anyone who encounters them freezes.

Hand made Clicker bust! from thelastofus

Almost all reddits commented on the artistry with positive comments and admiration. One user expressed his distaste for the monster itself, which was largely due to the in-game experience, but was blown away by how accurate the creation looked. Another commenter couldn’t fathom how long it took to create the piece and stated how incredibly talented the artist was. With the game franchise being such a hit and the HBO series set to bring the entity back to life, it’s no surprise that more and more artists and fans are sharing their work and passion for the title.

The The Last of Us Part 1. is now available for PS5, and the film series will soon come to HBO Max.

Source: GameRant

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