Could Captain America 4 Bring Wolverine Into The MCU, Linked To Eternals?!

MOVIE NEWS – A recent rumour about Captain America 4 could signal another step towards X-Men and the Eternals finale.



One thing that many people seem to forget easily is that Kevin Feige always has a plan. That’s why a new rumour about the upcoming Captain America Part 4 could connect one of the ridiculous moments of Phase 4 and the arrival of the MCU’s Wolverine. Of course, all rumours should be treated with caution until confirmed by Marvel itself. But Daniel Richtman’s rumours usually prove to be credible. And the latest news could fit well into the overall narrative of the MCU.

At the heart of the new rumour is the main plot of Captain America 4, which will also mark Anthony Mackie’s film debut as the iconic superhero.

Richtman says the film is primarily about the international conflict over a new metal, Adamantium”. For any Marvel fan, Adamantium isn’t that new. After all, it is well known as the element that covers the claws and bones of the X-Men Wolverine. The report expands on the place of the newly discovered element within the MCU. Which is supposedly located on Tiamut Island, an island formed by the calcareous Celestial seen in the Eternals finale.

The Celestial’s appearance in the 2021 film has caused many fans some puzzlement, as no one has mentioned it since the event occurred. Recently, She-Hulk included a quick sneak peek from a newspaper article about the strange thing appearing in the middle of the ocean. If these rumours are true, then there was always a plan for an Eternals finale to help pave the way for bigger things, including the arrival of the X-Men.


How would the Eternals finale introduce the MCU Wolverine to the franchise?


Rumours can lead to many wild theories that never come true. However, Daniel Richtman never seems too far off the mark regarding Marvel speculation. This latest one is definitely an immediately obvious way that Adamantium, possibly discovered in Captain America 4, could lead to a new Wolverine.

The Captain America franchise has always had one foot in the world of genetic engineering and the creation of super soldiers.

Suppose the latest film sees several groups attempting to gain control of the new source of Adamantium. In that case, the film’s outcome could see the metal fall into the hands of an agency eager to conduct dubious experiments that could create the MCU’s Wolverine in the coming years.

Of course, while the Wolverine version of the MCU is still a few years away, fans of the Hugh Jackman-portrayed character will get to see the Wolverine of the Fox universe one more time in Deadpool 3. Not many secrets have been revealed about Jackman’s return. One of them is whether his appearance will have any long-term impact on the MCU. Or if it will be a one-off, standalone appearance. Marvel fans have much to look forward to as the franchise moves into Phase 5.

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