Dying Light 2: This New Video Hints What We Can Expect From The Game Next Year! [VIDEO]

A video from the franchise director talks about some of the significant updates from the first year of Dying Light 2 and future plans.



Dying Light 2 has uploaded a video with the game’s franchise director, who would like to thank the Dying Light community for supporting the series. The video recaps the game’s first year, bringing major updates, interesting seasonal events, and even additional story content.

Dying Light 2 was released in early February, and despite competing with the highly anticipated release of Elden Ring in the same month, the game received a solid, if somewhat mixed, reception.

The game franchise’s director Tymon Smektala spoke out in a new video summary praising the game’s community. He also outlines some plans for the future of the game. Since its release in February, the game has undergone more than ten significant updates. These have added new features and content. These include Photo Mode and New Game Plus. Meanwhile, the patches have adjusted the game’s balance and fixed several bugs. Smektala also confirmed that the studio has been working for several months on some of the changes to the game that many have been requesting. For example, improving the night gameplay. As well as cooperative development and “more impactful, brutal, varied physical combat”.

New weapon types are also being developed for Dying Light 2, and some new enemies will be introduced in the game in the future. According to Smektala, more information will be shared at the game’s first anniversary on February 4. If the original Dying Light is any indication, players can expect some major DLC in the future.

Just over a year after its release, Dying Light released The Following expansion, which introduced a new map with a new story, new weapons and a customizable buggy vehicle.

Techland has a tradition of supporting its games long after release. The original Dying Light received DLC 4 years after release, along with additional updates. Techland’s commitment to its games bodes well for the future of Dying Light 2. After all, players can probably expect updates and DLC for years to come.

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