Silent Hill: The Short Message: the game’s description has been leaked!

What is Konami hiding from us with this project? It wasn’t in among Silent Hill announcements.


Let’s start from the beginning. We’ve previously reported that Silent Hill: The Short Message has received its age rating in South Korea, but now another Asian country has done so, this time in Taiwan, where Konami’s unannounced project has surfaced. It was rated PG-15 for violence, horror, and inappropriate language (swearing). The game is rated for PlayStation 5.

On the ResetEra forums (), Dusk Golem drew attention to the image and description posted on the site, which is translated into English: “Anita came to an abandoned apartment to meet her friend Maya, and somehow woke up to find herself trapped in it. She must escape her fears and the monsters lurking in the corridors, discover the truth behind the events she’s trapped in, and try to escape before her trauma consumes her will to survive.”

What will it be? There’s the Silent Hill 2 Remake, running on Unreal Engine 5 and being developed by the Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, The Medium, Observer), No Code (Stories Untold, Observation) is working on the Silent Hill Townfall spinoff, and Taiwanese NeoBards, known for Resident Evil: Resistance and Resident Evil: Re:Verse, is making Silent Hill f, set in 1960s Japan. Konami confirmed these in the autumn, and to these can be added the interactive series Silent Hill: The Ascension, which is being worked on by Bad Robot, Behavior Interactive, and Genvid. Conspicuously absent from this list is Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Could it be the Japanese-developed project that Konami might deliberately not want to discuss yet to surprise us later? Time will tell what’s going on. One thing is for sure. We haven’t heard ANYTHING about this game.

Source: WCCFTech

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