A Long-Awaited Announcement From Metal Gear Solid’s Producer?

Perhaps the Metal Gear franchise will get some attention years after Konami flopped with Metal Gear Survive (their first post-Kojima game with the IP).


It’s a coincidence that we’re snooping around Konami’s house twice in one day, but that’s presumably how the last news came together on the last day of 2022. Gematsu reports on the annual tradition of Japanese Famitsu: the publication asks several Japanese developers what their goals are for the coming year and what keywords they would apply to it. Famitsu also didn’t leave out Konami, which seems serious about re-entering the PC/console gaming industry for the first time in years, except for free-to-play eFootball, which has been converted from Pro Evolution Soccer.

Noriaki Okamura, a producer, working for Konami, is in charge of Metal Gear IP and said that in addition to Momotaro Dentetsu, the company would announce other games. His keyword is “long-awaited.” Konami has previously stressed that it will be working on IPs for Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill. Still, we have heard nothing official about Metal Gear, which Kojima left behind. We have heard rumors of a PlayStation 5 exclusive Metal Gear Solid remake (which we also heard would be announced at The Game Awards, but that never happened) and HD remasters of the second, third, and fourth installments. Then we heard that the third installment, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, could get a remake.

Silent Hill does have events happening (Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill f, and Silent Hill: Ascension, as well as Silent Hill: The Short Message, which is not yet officially confirmed but has already been evaluated in South Korea and Taiwan), but we can only really speculate about Metal Gear Solid. It’s about time Konami finally said what it’s going to do.

We have the patience for it, so we might as well play it.

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