Forspoken: The Latest Cinematic Trailer Has Raised The Bar Even Higher! [VIDEO]

Square Enix has released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming open-world RPG Forspoken, which focuses on the life of protagonist Frey.



Square Enix has released a devastating cinematic trailer for its upcoming open-world action RPG Forspoken. Although some of the game’s marketing has not been well received, this latest trailer highlights the disconnect between protagonist Frey Holland’s life in New York and her magical journey through the world of Athia.

Developed by Luminous Productions, Forspoken is one of the most anticipated titles of January and one of publisher Square Enix’s most prominent games of the year.

As the title will also be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, it’s also a showcase for the system’s performance. In other words, a lot is riding on the game being a success on multiple fronts.

The latest trailer for Forspoken follows Frey on an adventure both in his home city of New York City and in Athia. Shots are a sampling of both as he faces various threats. What differs in his experience is that while in New York, he can only flee from those pursuing him, in Athia, she can fight back the monsters with great skill and magic.

This trailer shows no gameplay and is cinematic. But it does highlight what the player will spend most of their time doing in the game. That is, using various spells in combat while navigating the environment with superhuman dexterity. It also hints at the story, as Frey is at a troubled point in his life when he leaves New York. His flash of a smile at the end shows that his time in Athens may have given him a new confidence.

Square Enix is also open to giving anyone interested a chance to play the game, and a demo was released in December to gather feedback from players.

Although this may be the most direct attempt to show what Luminous Productions has learned from Final Fantasy XV, cinematic trailers like the latest one will help to get more people paying attention to the game.

Forspoken launches this month, with Final Fantasy XVI coming out in June. So Square Enix is getting much attention in the first half of 2023. If Forspoken can live up to its potential, it could prove to be an excellent start to the year. This could, in turn, provide the basis for the launch of a new IP.

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