Hogwarts Legacy: Another Classic Spell Is Featured In The Game! [VIDEO]

The latest Hogwarts Legacy footage confirms that one of Harry Potter’s most iconic spells is returning as a significant game feature.



New gameplay footage from Hogwarts Legacy has shown fans how the iconic Accio charm will be used in the game. Apparently, the spell will also be able to be used on inanimate objects and, perhaps surprisingly, in-game characters.

In Harry Potter, Accio is a Summoning Charm that the wizard usually uses to bring back objects from afar and can summon most objects while they are still alive.

However, this rule can be circumvented. For example, by summoning objects attached to a living person, such as their clothes. Accio may have been made famous by the Tri-Wizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where Harry used it successfully.

As you can see in the trailer, Accio will, perhaps unsurprisingly, be a valuable spell for those who wish to summon or move an object remotely. Accio will be used to retrieve objects; solve puzzles (moving arms, etc.); and throw enemies in combat situations. It is possible that the new Charms Professor introduced in Hogwarts Legacy will teach characters how to use it.

While all the spells present in the game, such as the recently seen Incendio spell, will have their uses, Accio will likely not only be required for the many puzzles in the game but will also serve as a great feature to help speed up otherwise tedious tasks by summoning objects and characters.

With the game’s launch approaching and many more Hogwarts Legacy videos posted on the official Twitter account, it seems that the title is expanding in both scale and scope. Luckily, avid fans of the Harry Potter franchise won’t have to wait much longer to get their own copy.

Source: Twitter

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