The Star Director Is A Fan Of His Brother, Who Is Bruce Willis

MOVIE NEWS – In his childhood, Bruce Willis was a great role model for M. Night Shyamalan, who woke up and went to bed with the posters of Tape Novel and Give your life dear! in his room. with wolf eyes, of the films in which Willis played a big role. Then he had the good fortune that Willis became the main character in the film of Shyamalan, who had already advanced to director.


It was The Sixth Sense that brought Shyamalan to the forefront of Hollywood. He is grateful to his idol to this day. Willis also appeared in three of the director’s other films (Invulnerable, Shattered Glass), and over the years not only the two filmmakers, but also their families became close to each other. “I think of him as my older brother, who I owe my career to, because I’ve had his protective power from the beginning,” Shyamalan told The Hollywood Reporter. He also said that Willis’s constantly deteriorating health condition – he suffers from aphasia with the gradual loss of the ability to communicate – takes a toll on him and his loved ones, as they are considered family.

Now it very much seems that after Shyamalan thanked Willis as his mentor, he became his own disciple. This is David Bautista, the former pancrat whose body has made him the star of superhero movies, but his snowshoes are full of them. Despite playing two memorable characters in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers, Bautista wants his art to command respect, not that he can push anyone against the wall, like a pancrat. Well, he’s finally landed his first serious dramatic role with a lot of talk: he’s one of the main characters in Shyamalan’s psychological horror Knock at the Cabin. Bautista’s character and his three friends crash into a vacationing family and tell them that they must sacrifice one of them to save humanity.

“I’ve never been able to speak as much as a movie character as I do in this movie,” Bautista told Variety. “There were pages full of my monologues.” In addition, we shot on celluloid, which is very expensive. There was only one camera rolling, so I couldn’t count on it being okay if I messed up, and then they would cut together well afterwards. I had to memorize my text thoroughly and concentrate during the recording so that the emotional tension would not be lost.”

Shyamalan promises that Knock at the Cabin, which he wrote based on the bestseller by Paul Tremblay, will have even bolder twists than his previous films, and you can expect to change genres along the way, which is one of his favorite tricks.

(Knock at the Cabin – domestic premiere: February 2, 2023)

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