PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium: A Short List, With Two Mistakes!

Sony’s January update is weak at the PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium level, and in the shortlist, the company has made not one but two mistakes. Now that takes effort!


First up, here’s their original list for PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers: Back 4 Blood (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Dragon Ball FighterZ (PlayStation 4), Devil May Cry V: Special Edition (PlayStation 5, plus the base game for PlayStation 4), Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PlayStation 4), Life is Strange (PlayStation 4), Sayonara Wild Hearts (PlayStation 4), Jett: The Far Shore (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Just Cause 4: Reloaded (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4), Omno (PlayStation 4), Erica (PlayStation 4). PlayStation Plus Premium members will also have access to three more games – Syphon Filter 3 (PS1), Star Wars Demolition (PS1), and Hot Shots Golf/Everybody’s Golf 2 (PS1). That’s it. There’s not a single PS3, PS2, or PSP title.

However, it’s no coincidence that we’ve highlighted that it’s the original list. There are two errors in it. If there were only one, we’d say it’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, but to make two mistakes in one swoop is sad, especially when it happens on such a short list. The first mistake is with Just Cause 4: Reloaded. There will be no current-gen update, so only the PlayStation 4 version of that game exists. The second mistake is far more disappointing: Sony has specifically added a title to the list that will NOT be available from January 17. The company had to update the blog post: Sayonara Wild Hearts (PlayStation 4) was listed incorrectly and will not be part of the offer!

So 12 games in total, 3 of which are PS1. That’s weak. It is fair to ask: what is the point of PlayStation Plus Premium, then? We were expecting Syphon Filter 3 to join the list after its age rating, but it’s not enough.

Source: PSU, PSL

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