Silent Hill 2 Remake: What New Enemy Types Can We Expect? [VIDEO]

Konami has recently confirmed that, as things stand, there will be no new enemy types in the Silent Hill 2 remake at all.



The news that there will be no new enemies in the Silent Hill 2 remake has exploded like a bombshell. This information was confirmed by the producer of the Silent Hill franchise, Motoi Okamoto. Although developer Bloober Team will not be adding any new enemies, the behaviour of the enemies and their interaction with players will change.

When the remake of Silent Hill 2 was unveiled last year and the first trailer was shown, it seemed that the game would stay faithful to the original, opting to keep the atmosphere and story of the original game.

The camera changes to an over-the-shoulder perspective; not many details were revealed about the changes to the game’s combat. But with this announcement, Konami and the Bloober Team seem to emphasise further that any changes to Silent Hill 2 will be faithful to the original.

In a new interview with IGN, Okamoto sat down with Silent Hill 2 concept designer Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka to talk about the concept of the game, the fidelity the game will strive to maintain, the decision to only make the game for current-gen hardware, and finally the future of the Silent Hill franchise. Some new information about the upcoming remake has been revealed. However, much is still shrouded in mystery. However, one thing can now be sure: the Bloober Team and Konami are staying very close to the original Silent Hill 2 regarding enemies. In the interview, Okamoto reiterated how faithful the game’s remake would be to the original and continued, “Bloober Team cares a lot about the original as well. They’re not going to simply add new enemies.”

Okamoto also said that the team had paid attention to the small details to make the combat more interesting than the original. Ito also confirmed that he was in charge of the combat and made subtle changes this time. These could change the movement or behaviour of some enemies. All this is necessary for a more modern control and combat system. The Silent Hill 2 remake will also use the DualSense features of the PS5.

Keeping enemies unchanged in the remake is crucial to the game’s story and characters, so this confirmation will likely appeal to many Silent Hill 2 veterans.

The Silent Hill 2 remake has been in development since 2019. The original game is widely regarded as one of the best survival horror games ever made. New enemies could have helped the game’s unique combat system unfold. However, being cautious about such essential design elements seems like the right decision.

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