Hogwarts Legacy: New Cinematic Trailer Packed With Everything We Want From The Game! [VIDEO]

A new trailer for the open-world RPG Hogwarts Legacy shows off dragons, duels and more fascinating things from Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings.



Avalanche Software’s upcoming open-world action RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, will debut in less than a month. The latest trailer gives a glimpse of what players can expect in the wizarding world.

Of course, fans of the Harry Potter franchise need little convincing of the title’s intriguing features; Hogwarts Legacy is currently one of the best-selling games on Steam, despite not officially launching until 10 February 2023.

It’s also the first AAA Harry Potter title to be released since the film adaptations series came to a close in 2011. Very few of the previous games can be said to boast similar production values.

It’s not just Hogwarts Castle that offers several excellent exterior views. The Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest and some locations presumably outside the school grounds are also shown. The trailer also features quite a few magical creatures and fantastical characters. Though the dragon mentioned above steals the show, there’s also a cunning hippogriff, Aragog-like spiders duelling it out against the students. In addition, everyone’s favourite partially decapitated ghost, Nearly Headless Nick, makes a brief appearance.

It’s also worth noting how incredibly faithful the artwork in Hogwarts Legacy looks – especially compared to the Harry Potter titles of decades ago.

Of course, a visual marvel like Hogwarts Legacy requires powerful hardware. Although the game is being developed for current-generation consoles, the port to previous-generation machines has been delayed until April. Presumably to give the developers time to fine-tune the performance of the older hardware. The system requirements for the game on PC are also quite demanding. However, most gamers will be able to meet the minimum requirements; maximum performance can only be achieved with particularly expensive hardware.

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