This Elden Ring Streamer Controls The Game With The Power Of Her Mind! [VIDEO]

A scientifically trained streamer used an EEG brain imaging device to control her Elden Ring character with her thoughts alone.



A Twitch streamer hooked his brain to an EEG imaging device to control the character of Elden Ring with his thoughts. By attaching sensor pads to his head that pick up the brain’s electrical signals, they could map activity to match the controls in the Elden Ring.

The Guinness Book of World Records has a category for beating Dark Souls with different types of controllers: now you have to add that to the list for the Elden Ring – if it even counts as a ‘different type of controller’.

The streamer who set up the EEG for FromSoftware’s game has a master’s degree in psychology and specialises in vision. Although she has managed to attach pads to her head that read the brain’s signals, she has to keep them moist with saline to keep them effective. She has not mapped all the controls, although she has trained them to recognise brain patterns and then connected them to the attack button.

Perrikaryal, a British-Canadian Twitch streamer in her twenties, has a Bluetooth brain scanner. She can apply this with some coding and tying it to games. Sometimes on her stream, Perrikaryal even shows the scanner in real-time while playing different games, such as horror. This way, fans can see how her brain reacts when she’s scared. In Elden Ring, she still moves her thumb and pushes different buttons – but when she attacks, the command comes directly from her brain.

Perrikaryal said in the stream that the technique isn’t perfect, and sometimes the attack goes off when she’s not thinking about it or not when she needs it.

However, the device is sensitive enough to defeat bosses reliably. She’s gotten past Godrick the Grafted and Margit. She’s currently fighting Renala because the first phase relies on well-timed and frequent attacks. This is something that EEG is not good at, she admits. She says that the best visualisation that works to activate an attack is to imagine slowly pushing something heavy forward.

It remains to be seen whether EEG streams will ever catch on like Twitch streams with eye tracking. The next generation of reaction content could allow fans to see how a person’s brain reacts to different videos and games.

Source: Sportskeeda

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