Dead Space Remake: This Is What To Expect In New Game Plus Mode!

The developers of the Dead Space remake have confirmed what special features players can expect when they embark on the horror title’s New Game+ mode.



The developers behind the remake of EA and Motive Studio’s iconic survival horror game Dead Space have revealed that players can expect new items, enemies and a new ending when they embark on the New Game+ mode of the terrifying sci-fi title.

First announced with a short teaser at EA’s Play Live 2021 event, many fans of the original Dead Space were delighted to learn that the beloved game was getting a remake.

The 2008 Dead Space was praised by many for its visceral combat, incredible sound design and seamless user interface.

In a new post on the remake’s official Twitter account, the game’s developers shared what players can expect from the survival horror title’s New Game+ mode. Developers Motive Studios want to reward and challenge players at the same time. They revealed that players who commit to the New Game+ mode, available from the second playthrough, will have access to the Advanced Suit Level 6. Also, a secret ending. But they will also have to contend with new Phantom Variant Necromorphs. For horror fans eager to see everything the Dead Space remake has to offer, it sounds like the New Game+ mode will present new horrors and challenges alongside some secret story elements.

Many of the fans who responded to the tweet were excited to see the announcement of additional content for the long-awaited remake. However, some gamers were disappointed that there was no mention of the Level 6 Military Suit that would appear in the game. Referring to the recent crossover between Motive Studios’ survival horror title and Epic’s free-to-play shooter, one commenter joked that “the secret ending will be Isaac’s arrival in Fortnite”.

Already thinking about the possible future of the franchise, another commenter asked if the developers were planning to give Dead Space 2 a similar makeover in the future.

Released just over a month after the highly publicised failure of its spiritual successor, The Callisto Protocol, the remake seems poised to recapture the magic that made the original an icon of survival horror.

Source: GameSpot

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