Forspoken: The PC Version Might Have Severe Problems?!

Although the gameplay of Forspoken has also received mixed reviews, the glaring technical problems with the PC port are particularly frustrating.



The recently released version of Forspoken has received considerable criticism from PC gamers. Many are disappointed by the game’s abysmal performance on high-end hardware. Meanwhile, Forspoken has mainly received mixed reviews from gamers and critics – it hasn’t managed to enchant us either. The gameplay, graphics and dialogue all leave something to be desired.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions’ Forspoken was highly anticipated as one of the first major AAA titles to be released in 2023.

First revealed in 2020 as “Project Athia”, Forspoken has been the subject of speculation and hype for several years. This has led to some pretty high expectations for the big-budget, open-world adventure game. The game’s basic concept is interesting, but the execution is a little flat.

The PC port of Forspoken has been bombarded with negative reviews on Steam. Currently, over 46% of user reviews are negative. Many of them cite gameplay issues or problems with characters and dialogue. However, most critics have problems getting the game to run smoothly, even on mighty machines. Systems with graphics cards, such as the RTX 3070, also struggle to run the game at 1440p. And other players have experienced several crashes, with some noticing a marked difference between what they see in gameplay trailers and what they actually see in the game.

Understandably, players were frustrated with the experience after paying the $70 price tag and making room for Forspoken’s hefty 90 GB file size.

The game’s system requirements are already high enough. The presence of Denuvo DRM is another point of contention. Considering that it negatively affects the game’s performance. This penalises players who pay for the legal version of the games. It is possible that future patches could alleviate some of these problems. But it will be challenging for Forspoken to recover from a bad first impression.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a PC port of a Square Enix release has had problems. Nier Automata was considered a relatively weak PC port. However, it has improved significantly over the years thanks to a few critical updates.

Source: PC Gamer

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