Does The Apple Reality Pro Have a Shocking Battery Life?

TECH NEWS – Apple’s AR (augmented reality) headset is said to be usable for a short time before its battery runs out.


Apple’s first AR headset, reportedly called Reality Pro, doesn’t have that outstandingly strong usage time before it needs to be put on a charger. It’s not alone: we wrote here that Sony’s new DualSense Edge controller is in a similar boat, and we’ve recently found out why. In his latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman wrote that the Apple Reality Pro would be outstanding technologically. Still, the flaws will get the attention rather than the power of the novelty…

“It will undoubtedly be a marvel and far more advanced than anything else on the market. But it will also be impractical and too expensive for most consumers. That’s because it will only last about two hours per charge, not work well outdoors, launch with a limited array of content and feature a design that some have deemed uncomfortable,” Gurman wrote. According to The Information’s preview, the Apple Reality Pro comes with a wrist-mounted battery that can connect to a Magsafe-like charger, which will be on the headset’s waist strap. The headset’s cells will be interchangeable, which could lead to Apple charging more for additional batteries.

Apple is asking $100 for the MagSafe Battery Pack (which can be used for the iPhone 12 and later models). Still, its battery is fragile (1460 mAh) because it won’t even fully charge most supported devices, and Apple will likely want to make money on this aspect of the Reality Pro. According to Gurman, Apple’s aim has always been to stay ahead of its rivals in terms of technology, but it will come at a heavy price: the product may cost $3,000.

“The headset will also mark a strategy shift for Apple. When it entered previous categories — music players, phones, tablets, and watches — there was already mainstream interest in the products. Apple’s goal was just to create something better and beat the competition,” Gurman added. Apple wants the Reality Pro to be used all day long (with a battery like that…?), and production is said to start in March, with a release possible before WWDC 2023.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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