Amazon Dreams About An Entire Tomb Raider “Cinematic Universe”!

MOVIE NEWS – A new Tomb Raider cinematic universe is planned, branching out into film, TV and video games.



Shortly after reports of a Tomb Raider series in the works at Amazon, new news has emerged. It turns out there’s a lot more to come for the franchise. THR reports that a new movie is in development alongside the series. What’s more, they are planned to be connected as part of the same cinematic universe. At least one related video game is also being developed for this new universe. It is already no less than three stories across different media.

It is not clear whether the idea is that Lara Croft will be the central character in all three media or whether another protagonist will lead the TV series and/or the video game.

Not much else has been revealed about the new plan for the franchise, but the report notes that the deal is said to be “one of Amazon’s biggest commitments,” comparable to when the company spent $250 million to acquire the rights to The Lord of the Rings.

Earlier, it was revealed that Phoebe Waller-Bridge had been hired to write the Tomb Raider series. She lobbied for the job as a fan of the franchise. However, she is not currently connected to the film or the video game in any way. He seems to be focusing solely on the TV series. It has also been noted that Waller-Bridge will not be playing Lara Croft in the series. Her involvement will be limited to a behind-the-scenes role.

No word yet on who will eventually play the iconic adventurer, who has been portrayed by Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander in previous live-action adaptations.

No word yet on when the Tomb Raider movie or Prime Video series will arrive. As for the video game, which was announced in December when it was not yet clear whether it would be part of the planned cinematic universe, it is currently being developed by Amazon Games and Crystal Dynamics.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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