Diane Keaton: the Oscar-winning Actress Who Hasn’t Dated in 15 years

MOVIE NEWS – Diane Keaton hasn’t dated for a decade and a half, but she says it’s not because she’s 77 years old, but because no one would force it with such a strange woman.


It is unknown whether he was joking in his interview with Extra magazine or three years ago when he told InStyle magazine that he had not gone out for coffee with anyone in 35 years. that it could even have been a relationship.

In any case, the actress can’t complain because, at the time, she was on the dating scene a lot; she dated, among others, Al Pacino and Hollywood’s biggest heartthrob, Warren Beatty. He also had Woody Allen, the actress who won an Oscar for the title role of Annie Hall, directed by him and written for him, although they had not been together for two years when the film was made.

Diane Keaton always joked a lot about her age, which is why she took on one of the main roles in the Book Club comedy, and now in its sequel , in the Book Club – The Next Chapter. In addition to Keaton, 84-year-old Jane Fonda, 70-year-old Mary Steenburgen, and 76-year-old Candice Bergen play in the film , all of Hollywood’s greatest actresses. Keaton, already at the time of the Book Club‘s premiere, drew attention to the fact that the film does not belong to the category of forced comedies of the “pushed grandmother’s second flourish” type, but instead, in addition to the jokes, is seriously trying to tell about how to age gracefully, face the gradual decline of your career and body wisely, and what lessons this can have for the younger age groups.

In Book Club – The Next Chapter, the heroines go to Italy for one of their bachelorette parties in order to have experiences that they somehow missed in previous decades.</p >

(Book Club: The Next Chapter – domestic release: 2023 May 11. )

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