Seven-Time Oscar Nominee Cate Blanchett Earns This Much

MOZI HÍREK – The leading role in the film titled TÁR can bring the third golden statue to the Australian actress, Cate Blanchett, whose current nomination is the seventh for the most prestigious motion picture award.


So far, she has won two Oscars (Blue Jasmine, The Aviator), three of the other nominations were for leading roles (Elizabeth, < em>Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Carol), and two as supporting actors (Details of a Scandal, I’m Not There – The Lives of Bob Dylan).

Lydia Tár‘s role was written specifically for Blanchett by director Todd Field. The actress plays an obsessed female conductor who has to fight the laws of the male-dominated music world, but mostly her own ego – and she succeeds in this last battle with varying degrees of success. Field has now been nominated for three Oscars for TÁR (as director, producer and original screenplay writer), while he already has three Oscar nominations. He received one for the script of Little Secrets and two as producer and screenwriter of In the Bedroom.

Cate Blanchett proved with her seventh Oscar nomination that she is one of the finest and most sought-after actresses today. His wealth corresponds to this: it is estimated at 95 million dollars (34.2 billion forints). In terms of gas, he was at the top for five years, earning more than $13 million in a single year.

(TÁR – domestic presentation: February 16, 2023.)

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