Would Disney+ Sell Hulu and Prey and Other Classic Sci-fi Horror Films Would Leave the Streaming Service?!

MOVIE NEWS – The head of Disney, Bob Iger, would be open to the option of selling the streaming service Hulu, after Hulu, in addition to Disney+, is putting a heavy burden on the company’s financial situation.


Bob Chapek was the CEO who took over the management of Disney during the pandemic, but because of his style and decisions, he was eventually replaced by Bob Iger last year. Iger also faces a difficult task as the company has to cut 7,000 employees to keep costs down.

Disney owns the streaming service Hulu, though only with a majority stake, as 1/3 is held by Comcast. When the contract expires, Disney can either buy Comcast’s stake, or Comcast can sell its stake to Disney. Independent experts will determine the value of the third of Hulu, and the price will be at least 27.5 billion dollars.

Iger has indicated that he would be open to talks with Comcast about them buying 2/3 of Disney so that they don’t have to put more money into Hulu. “We’re going to be open to anything,” said Iger, who suggests that Disney may not need two major streaming services. However, the decision has not yet been made, and according to Iger, they will examine their options carefully and objectively.

Source: Deadline

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