The New Exorcist Movie Gets a Child Star

MOVIE NEWS – It is a big step for Olivia Marcum that she got a role in the film The Exorcist, which is a sequel to the classic horror film and a partially reimagined, modern version.


The seven-year-old girl was previously known as the protagonist of the stage play Matilda The Musical. It is not known what his role is in the new horror, but it is possible that he will play the child possessed by the demon. The production is the first part of a planned trilogy, and if successful, the other two parts will follow quickly. This is guaranteed by the production studio, Blumhouse, whose founding owner, Jason Blum, makes low-budget films successful, often working from sourced material, but this does not reduce the quality. Another guarantee is the director of the new trilogy, David Gordon Green, who recently enhanced his and Blumhouse’s reputation with the three Halloween films.

It is interesting that one of the protagonists of the 1973 classic, the six-time Oscar nominee, 90-year-old Ellen Burstyn, also strengthens the camp of the new exorcists, creating continuity with the original version. One of Burstyn‘s Oscar nominations was for The Exorcist, and finally a year later, he was able to take home the Oscar for the Scorsese drama Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore award.

(The Exorcist – domestic release: October 12, 2023.)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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