After the Cocaine Bear comes the Cocaine Shark

MOVIE NEWS – It started out as a joke, but it might end up being a real movie. The term Cocaine Shark has taken off on social media after New Zealand police recently found more than three tons of cocaine floating ashore in the Pacific Ocean.


Elizabeth Banks, the director of the film Cocaine Bear, seeing the great media attention, immediately expressed her interest in the possible new project, as her thriller Cocaine Bear, which is based on a real event, will soon be released in cinemas. In 1985, a bag of cocaine fell from a plane, a bear found it in the forest and ate the loot. The animal died of an overdose, but in the film it goes on a rampage, chasing after tourists, drug dealers and policemen. Banks told People magazine that she thinks The Shark will be a huge winner in the coconut version, and she doesn’t want to be left out of it.

An American cinema chain, MC Theaters, has also already clicked on the topic. The viewers voted on who was the winner, the dusty-nosed bear or the drug-addled shark, and the bear won toweringly. After that, the next challenge will be that whoever watches Cocaine Bear in the first week will receive a bag of gummies, of course a teddy bear, as a gift.

Cocaine Bear is the last film of the recently deceased Ray Liotta (Great Ones).

(Cocaine Bear – domestic premiere: February 23, 2023)

Source: UIP

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