Elden Ring: You’ll Never Guess How This Creative Fan Beat The Game!

Streamer and Elden Ring speedrunner Larxa beat the game without touching a single button, thanks to a voice macro called VoiceAttack!



There is a long history of content creators completing FromSoftware games in absurd circumstances. Twitch streamer Larxa recently added to that list by beating Elden Ring using only her voice. Larxa, already an accomplished speedrunner, took it to the next level: she finished the game without technically pressing a single button. This is astonishing for those who struggle to match the deep combat and legendarily intimidating bosses of 2022 Game of the Year winner Elden Ring.

Larxa describes herself as a “speedrunner, variety streamer and horror enthusiast” and is also known as an emote artist under the name Ellen.

Larxa has made a name for herself in the Elden Ring community with a speed run of under thirty minutes. She completed this relatively quickly after the game’s release. Her many in-game achievements are catalogued on Twitch and YouTube. In fact, clips of the most gripping parts of her latest playthrough can be found on her channel.

Using a program called VoiceAttack, Larxa could define a set of voice commands and assign them to specific in-game actions. Although the software is versatile, it is not flawless, and there appears to have been a not insignificant delay between the issuing of a command and the action being performed. Most Elden Ring players find that even the slightest inconsistencies throw them off their game. Larxa deserves some credit just for overcoming the vast learning curve of this input method and making it through the forty-four hours of play.

Playing through Larxa stretched the VoiceAttack software to the limit, but otherwise, it is a handy and well-received sound macro that may be particularly useful for disabled gamers.

In the modern gaming era, developers are making considerable efforts to implement deeper accessibility options. Although there is still a long way to go, tools like VoiceAttack can go a long way to fill in the gaps. They make experiences available that some players were previously excluded from.

Having run games such as Demon’s Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in the past, Larxa doesn’t seem to shy away from a challenge. Perhaps she’ll dive into another voice-driven playthrough as soon as the supposedly massive DLC finally comes out. Of course, with FromSoftware not giving any official word on the Elden Ring expansion, Larxa and the rest of the community have no choice but to pass the time with increasingly difficult game conditions.

Source: Dexerto

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