Nintendo Switch 2: Could They Really Be Working On The Successor?!

TECH NEWS – A recent leak is good news for fans of the company, who are waiting on pins and needles for the Nintendo Switch’s successor console, whatever it may be.



There’s some excellent news for Nintendo Switch gamers who are eagerly awaiting the home console/handheld hybrid’s successor. A recent leak suggests the new system will keep the content already available through the Switch Online service. The Switch is almost six years old, but Nintendo has yet to announce a successor. However, as the console is one of the most successful video game consoles of all time, a successor system is almost guaranteed.

It’s still unknown whether Nintendo’s next console will be called Switch 2 or whether it will be given a completely different name.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) appears to have leaked that a Switch successor is indeed in the works, which will feature the online functionality of the Nintendo Switch. The document, recently published by the CMA, details Nintendo’s cloud gaming ambitions for the Switch and an edited device. While it may be referring to something completely unexpected, it seems likely that they are referring to an unannounced Switch successor console. Reading between the lines, this would potentially mean that the Switch 2 console will feature the Switch Online service and its cloud-based gaming options. Although it’s also possible that this just means Nintendo will make cloud-based gaming available on the new console. But separately from the services already offered through Switch Online.

This would be massive news for Nintendo fans. Many have complained that their online purchases are lost when switching from one Nintendo console to another. It would also mean that the next Nintendo console would launch with a healthy library of retro games via the Switch Online service and its accompanying Expansion Pack. On the other hand, some fans are not impressed with Switch Online regarding online multiplayer and party chat. So hopefully, there will be some updates during the transition from Switch to the successor console.

Nintendo itself has previously hinted that Nintendo accounts and “value-added services” will be migrated from Switch to the successor console, but this CMA report is even more solid evidence that this is indeed happening.

If this is indeed the case, then current Switch owners might be more willing to sign up for the Switch Online Expansion Pack. After all, they’ll have less reason to worry that their subscription and purchases will be wasted when Nintendo launches the Switch successor.

Nintendo is traditionally unpredictable. While it seems plausible that Switch Online services will be ported to the company’s next device, it’s impossible to say with 100% certainty that this will happen.


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