Hogwarts Legacy: New Sales Records – New Game Plus Incoming?!

Fans say it would be more convenient to play through the different houses of Hogwarts Legacy if the game had a New Game+ option.



Hogwarts Legacy really offers a lot of replayability. However, the New Game+ option is missed by a significant part of the audience.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the endgame already starts to split from the house assignment ceremony onwards, and no doubt many players are curious to start the game in a different Hogwarts house, even if the only tangible difference in the story is the way the Jackdaw quest is resolved.

In terms of gameplay, however, the House option plays a much more significant role, as it dictates the colour scheme of many of the clothing in the game, as well as some of the broom models.

The request, made by mrduds101 on the official Hogwarts Legacy subreddit, reflects the growing sentiment in the game’s community. The game is in dire need of a New Game+ mode. While it’s all well and good to collect the Gladwin Moon Demiguise statues during the first playthrough or complete all the Merlin trials found in and around the greater Hogwarts Valley, most players would rather skip – or at least choose – which side quest content to repeat in subsequent playthroughs.

Although Avalanche has already stated that no DLC plans for Hogwarts Legacy were in the works at launch, implementing a New Game+ mode would require significantly less effort than creating an entirely new mission sequence from scratch.


Booming Hogwarts Legacy sales, with a surprise


Meanwhile, Hogwarts Legacy continues to dominate the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S sales charts. The latest evidence of this trend comes from the Oceania region. The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association reports that the RPG debuted at the top of the weekly sales charts in both Australia and New Zealand. This beat NBA 2K23 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which finished second and third, respectively, in both markets.

FIFA 23 and Grand Theft Auto 5 rounded out the top five best-selling games in Australia and New Zealand for the week ending 12 February 2023.

True, these rankings do not include actual sales estimates. But they are based on an assessment of physical and digital purchases by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe. They are, therefore, much more definitive than some other country-specific reports. For example, the one that recently claimed that Hogwarts Legacy outsold Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Japan in the week of its release.

Despite the game’s incredible opening week, physical sales of the game fell shockingly in its second week.

Compared to the first week of release, physical copies of Hogwarts Legacy suffered a 66% drop in the second week in the UK. Despite the decline, the game is viral and is still at the top of the sales charts at the time of writing. Amazingly, the game’s first week in the UK was 88% bigger than last year’s biggest release, Elden Ring.

While the 66% drop seems like an alarming number, according to Game Industry, it’s obviously a smaller drop than most big game releases after their first week on the market.

The Hogwarts Legacy is likely to post impressive sales all year. Especially in the spring, when the game will be available for PS4 and Xbox One. And also in the summer, when the game finally arrives on Switch. Many gamers using different consoles are looking forward to exploring the game’s immersive world for themselves.

Source: Reddit, Game Industry

New game plus is necessary! from HarryPotterGame

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