Xbox Game Pass: What Will Be The First Day One Release In 2024?! [VIDEO]

A promising indie game has been confirmed as the first Day One launch title for Xbox Game Pass for 2024, almost a year in advance.



Magical Delicacy has been confirmed as the first official Xbox Game Pass launch title for 2024. For nearly six years, the service has offered subscribers access to an ever-expanding library of video games available on Xbox consoles and PC for a small monthly fee. These games range from minor indie releases to big AAA titles. The list grows every month.

The last few years have been a busy and exciting time for Xbox Game Pass, and it looks like 2023 will continue that trend, with up to four Day One Xbox Game Pass titles added in March alone.

With 2023 only a few months away, Microsoft is already looking to the future. It has announced the first Day One Xbox Game Pass for 2024! Over the weekend, it was confirmed that Magical Delicacy would debut on Game Pass for the first time. The colourful, Metroidvania-style side-scrolling adventure title puts players in the role of a young witch named Flora. The protagonist bakes and delivers all kinds of delicious sweets to the inhabitants of a magical town. No official release date for Magical Delicacy has been confirmed yet. But it will reportedly be released on Xbox consoles and Steam sometime next year. An announcement trailer was also released yesterday.

The release of Magical Delicacy will most likely also be supported by Xbox Game Pass, which has gained more than 25 million subscribers since last year. The year 2022 has been a bit slow for the service. But observers are confident that 2023 will be a much more fruitful year for the service.

Thanks to Microsoft’s imminent acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the launch of big games such as the stylized hit Hi-Fi Rush and Bethesda’s long-awaited RPG epic Starfield.

2023 may be young, but Microsoft already has plans for the service. The indie developer’s colourful mix of scout cooking and RPG exploration seems to fit nicely into Xbox Game Pass’ smaller indie offering. And it’s a real honour to be the first title confirmed for 2024.

Source: Pure Xbox

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