PlayStation Plus: Popular Free Game Not Eligible For PS5 Upgrade?!

The free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers is not eligible for the next-gen update, a freshly refreshed version of PlayStation 5.



It appears that the PlayStation Plus version of Cities: Skylines is not eligible for the recently released PlayStation 5 remaster, which offers a free update to players who purchase the PlayStation 4 version.

The PlayStation 4 version of Cities: Skylines was added to the PS Plus line-up back in May 2020.

Almost three years later, Cities: Skylines publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order announced that the city-building game will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S as Cities: Skylines Remastered.

The game will arrive on the latest generation PlayStation and Xbox platforms on 15 February. New features include 25 buildable areas, UI improvements, a map editor and improved performance compared to previous generation game versions. In addition, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get instant access to Cities: Skylines Remastered Xbox Series X/S. PlayStation 4 players who previously redeemed Cities: Skylines on PlayStation Plus are not eligible to upgrade to PlayStation 5.

Shortly after Cities: Skylines Remastered, Paradox Interactive’s official Cities: Skylines Twitter account confirmed that PlayStation Plus version users are not eligible for the free update to the new PlayStation 5 version. Players will not be able to access the update at all from the PlayStation Plus version. According to Paradox Interactive, the PlayStation 4 version must be purchased to receive the free update. Players will be able to buy Cities: Skylines Remastered directly from the PlayStation 5 PlayStation Store instead of upgrading from the PlayStation 4 version.

The official Cities: Skylines Remastered Q&A confirms that the physical PlayStation 4 disc version is also not eligible for the free update.

In addition, PlayStation Plus owners of the game will not be able to access their previous save data even if they have purchased the remastered version on PlayStation 5 for technical reasons.

Cities: Skylines Remastered includes impressive technical improvements that were impossible on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade from previous versions on PS Plus. Digital purchases from PlayStation Store currently seem to be the only option for fans of the popular city-building game.

Source: Reddit

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