Blood Bowl 3: So Many Problems With The Game; Developers Forced To Explain!

Dark clouds are gathering around Blood Bowl 3. The developers have apologised to upset fans for the slew of problems that have plagued the newly released game.



It seems Blood Bowl 3 is in trouble. Fans are voicing their frustrations in droves. To that end, the developers have apologised to Steam for everything that went wrong before and since the game’s release. Much anticipation led up to the game’s release, but excitement turned to anger when one problem after another appeared.

The troubles began before launch when Cyanide Studio announced that Blood Bowl 3 would include a pass, dubbed the Blood Pass.

It wasn’t the 50-level battle pass itself that was the source of the outrage, but the fact that it would include both free and paid levels. Fans have heavily criticised the developer for including monetisation in the game. However, they have clearly fallen on deaf ears, as the battle pass system remains. The situation was made worse by the fact that there were server connectivity issues even in the early access period of the game. This caused further frustration with Blood Bowl 3. But the state of the game post-launch left even more people upset.

The community update on Steam arrived just a day after launch when negative reviews started pouring in. At the time of writing, Blood Bowl 3 has 945 reviews, and 72% of them are negative, pushing the game into the “mostly negative” category. Cyanide Studio has listed all the problems that fans have found with the game and addressed them individually, with a score of The server connectivity issues seem to have been fixed. However, regarding the issue of Blood Pass, the developers expressed their support for the system.

Perhaps a bigger problem is that due to a Steam glitch, some players who purchased the standard version of Blood Bowl 3 received the Brutal Edition, which includes a list of extra items.

To remedy the problem, Cyanide Studio has stated that they will not remove the extra 1000 Warpstones these fans received, but the extra customisation options will be lost. On the flip side, players who purchase the Brutal Edition will receive an additional 1000 Warpstones to keep their advantage, and Early Unlock players will receive 250 Warpstones on top of that. However, some fans who bought the standard edition reported that their Warpstones were still taken away.

This series of events led to a very rough start to Blood Bowl 3, with many fans demanding refunds. Whether or not Cyanide Studio will be able to recover from this remains to be seen. It would be a shame for the developers of Werewolf.

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