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MOVIE NEWS – This month, two long-awaited HBO series return with a new season (Perry Mason, Succession), one of the biggest film successes of 2022 (The Triangle of Sadness), a special fantasy (The Green Knight ) several favorites of horror fans (Evil Dead and Insidious franchises) and several cult works of François Truffaut (400 Plagues, Stolen Kisses, The Last Subway).





The biggest and most important premiere of the month is Ruben Östlund’s dramedy nominated for 3 Oscars, The Triangle of Sadness (03.17), and Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander</em > and a fantasy adventure film starring Joel Edgerton, The Green Knight (03.24).



Other important premieres include True Things (03.03), in which Ruth Wilson plays a woman named Kate, who lives her life as a sleepwalker, but is suddenly awakened by a an unexpected sexual adventure with a charismatic stranger. She falls madly in love with him, which intoxicatingly ruins her life. Here’s the HBO Max exclusive comedy House Party (03/03), in which a couple of cleaners realize they need to clean up LeBron James’ mansion and decide to throw a huge party. When the party gets out of control, a wild night begins that no one will ever forget. Infinite Storm (03.18) is an exciting film based on a true story with Naomi Watts in the lead role. When an experienced mountaineer is caught in a blizzard and meets a lonely stranger coming down the mountain, he decides to bring him down before night falls and the storm buries them on the mountain.



To the delight of horror fans, several classic and new premieres will arrive this month. Escape the Field, a horror film starring Shane West, Theo Rossi and Jordan Claire Robbins, is coming to HBO’s platforms first. with a mysterious opponent. Six strangers wake up confused in an endless cornfield, only to discover that something mysterious is hunting them. Armed with seemingly random items, they must work together to escape or face death. Orphan: The First Kill (Orphan: The First Kill, 03.10) In the exciting prequel to the shocking horror hit, The Orphan, Esther pretends to be the missing daughter of a rich family and travels to America, but is confronted by a determined mother who willing to protect his family from the murderous “child” at any cost. Also arriving are the 1983 and 2013 versions of The Grudge (03.03) and Insidious -films (03.17) include House of Evil, Evil Soul and The Last Key.



Several audience favorites will be available in March, including the best action film of recent years, Raid 2. (Raid 2., 03.17), the Mark Wahlberg – Will Ferrell action-comedy Pancer police (The Other Guys, 03.24), Tom Hardy‘s comic book Venom (03.03), The Adventures of Tintin (The Adventures of Tintin, 03.04) directed by Steven Spielberg, the 2005 version of the musical hit Bohemian Life (Rent, 03.09) em>Brad Pitt‘s sci-fi Ad Astra – Road to the Stars (03.10) and the 2012 action sci-fi Total Recall (03.31).

Real delicacies will finally be available on streaming for fans of classic movies. Three films by Francois Truffaut will be released on March 6, 1959’s Four hundred blows (The 400 blows / Les quatre cents coups), 1968’s Stolen kisses (Stolen Kisses / Baisers volés) and the 1980 The Last Metro / Le dernier métro. Marco Ferreri’s film, La grande bouffe, will arrive on March 27, in which acting legends such as Marcello Mastroianni, Philippe Noiret and Michel Piccoli.




The first of the two biggest premieres of the month is Perry Mason (03.07), nominated for 4 Emmy Awards, in which our favorite detective-turned-lawyer returns. In addition to Matthew Rhys, Juliette Rylance, Chris Chalk and Shea Whigham also return, and Sean Astin joins the cast as a new actor. (Lord of the Rings), Paul Raci (The Sound of Metal) and Jen Tullock (Severance).



In addition to the courtroom drama, HBO’s multi-Emmy award-winning series Utódlás (Succession, 03.27) returns at the end of March for its fourth and final season. The sale of Waystar Royco is getting closer for tech guru Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård). As a result of the fateful merger, a huge rift begins between the members of the Roy family. Everyone is trying to position themselves, but the family’s cultural and political influence is severely reduced.

Féhér hó(Snowfall) continues at the beginning of the month, this time with the 6th season of the exciting crime series. HBO’s new self-produced series, Rain Dogs (03.07) arrives as a fresh premiere. A wild and cheekily funny series about a mother’s love for her daughter, deep-rooted and passionate friendships, and brilliance clouded by poverty and prejudice. The Spanish version of F-Boy Island (03.03, all episodes will be available at the same time) will be available already this week.

Fans of children’s series will receive new episodes of Jade Armor (03.04) and Alagi (Moley, 03.11), as well as Batwheels and < strong> Batwheels: Here’s the team 1. season (03.18).

Season 1 of The Last of Us, Season 10 of the John Oliver show about the news of the past week, Season 1 of The Winchesters will continue this month. Young Sheldon Season 6, Kung Fu Season 3, Spencer Season 5 and Spencer: Homecoming Season 2 and Game Theory with Bomani Jones Season 1.

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