Dead Island 2: Finally, Here’s A Long & Comprehensive Gameplay Preview! [VIDEO]

Dead Island 2 promises to be bloody and action-packed, and the new footage also reveals that players will have mutation abilities.



Dambuster Studios’ long-awaited zombie action RPG Dead Island 2 features an exciting system. This will allow players to unleash their own mutation abilities, as seen in the latest extended gameplay footage.

Those who have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to 2011’s Dead Island will no doubt be excited to learn that the release date for Dead Island 2 has been brought forward, with the game now set for release on 21 April.

Now some new footage shows what players can expect when the game is released. Although the gameplay video still shows a working version, it gives a good insight into the game’s current state. We also get quite a bit of the world and action. The most exciting thing, however, is the mutation ability. The footage shows Dani, one of six possible playable characters, using her ‘corrupted DNA’ to become increasingly powerful, unlocking ‘explosive abilities’ that mimic the undead’s power. It looks like this adds something juicy to the combat system. However, the narrator says this feature will not be available in the game’s early stages.

The video also shows off Dead Island 2’s FLESH system. It’s a creepy procedural feature that really allows players to get a taste of the gore as they slash and slash at zombies and kill in extremely gory ways.

Overall, the expanded gameplay is quite exciting and gives a brief taste of what’s in store.

Although the genre is not as popular as once was, zombie games seem to be back in fashion. Dying Light 2, Back 4 Blood and Dead Island 2 show that there’s still room in the gaming world to tear apart hordes of the undead. If the latest footage from Dambuster is anything to go by, horror and action fans won’t be disappointed by what awaits them in LA’s fictional version.

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